MQF  Level 5 Award

32 ECTS Credits

Mode of Study

Lecture Student interaction Hands on during Church ministry Professor on Record Interaction


100  objective multiple choice questions Online or pencil and paper Project Collateral Reading Assignment  (for 3 (USA) credit courses Student Learning Requirement Passmark 70%

Further learning opportunities

After completing these three sections, the student can progress towards the Berean School of the Bible (Ministerial Studies). Possibility to A.A, or B.A Degree with Global University

Learning Outcomes

1. Create written assignments using correct English grammar and syntax. 2. Write organized research papers with proper documentation. 3. Deliver talks using clear introduction-illustration-points-conclusion principles for message delivery. 4. Familiar oneself with modern media-communication to deliver messages. 5. Use public speaking as a major means to communicate the Gospel of Christ. 6. Apply the “therapeutic triad” in communication. 7. Competency in preparing and preaching Bible messages. 8. Identify principles and methods for effective teaching of the Bible. 9. Adapt principles of teaching in the Church’s educational task. 10. Develop the necessary skills to create and direct programs so that the church and home work
97-100 A+ 93-96 A
90-92 A-
87-89 B+ 83-86 B
80-82 B- 77-76 C+ 73-76 C
70-72 C- 67-69 D+ 63-66 D 60-62 C
0-59 F