to the 12 issue of our newsletter. I year has passed since we began sending it to you. I has been our pleasure to keep in contact with the students, GU officials and other friends. Since last year there has been a very positive increase in the number of students and other inquiring about GIT. I trust you read the description of the course we are featuring this month. The Gospel of John will help you see Jesus in a way you never say, unless you already studied the gospel analytically. Using the same techniques you learn from this course, will help you to approach the Bible in similar methods. The benefit is to great to write about. 21435529 79475618 If you send us an email on this address, we will send you a free GU Study guide of your choice from those introduced on our website under 21st Century Discipleship. Hi, my name is Stephanie Farrugia, and I would like to share with you few word from my own experience with the Global Institute Of Theology (GIT). I always worked in the factories as an operator, but last year I had the opportunity to improve my grade. My boss gave me the chance to be a team leader, doing supervision and taking care of SMT department. But, the management required minimum 3 basic certificates. It was then when I was encouraged by the GIT director to start doing a course with the GIT Therefor, I started again studying by taken (writing better English) course.   The course that I am taking it's so helpful for my new job, and much more important, I learned how to love writing and reading. For me is not more boring writing or doing some documentation at work with this course that the Global Institute of Theology provide. For those who wants to achieve success like I did in there lives, I encourage you to start doing these courses. For me it was a blessing this course, not only for my grammar but for my relationship with my creator my king. Because by taken this course, I learned to go deeper in the God's word. t issue: 12  The Biblical Role of Women is a major debate in many churches. However, if one will honestly search the Bible, he or she will be surprises, how God used women in the same capacity of man. The course we are studying is systematically revealing God’s intention for women’s roles in the church. It is interesting to make a distinction from the result of sin in the world and God’s original intention. If you wish to hear the first three lessons on mp3, please follow this link. Official Visit Rev. Paul Trementozzi, the person responsible for directing all of Southern Europe, and Dr. Bob Rose, Europen Director for Global University, visiting Malta this month. They attended to fourth lesson which Rev. Josie Stevenson is teaching. They were very impressed with both the attendance on a Monday evening and with the extraordinary ability of Rev. Josie to deliver the message.