It is a great opportunity to be able to study through Global University. First it is well known and secondly the teachings are doctrinally sound. Another important bonus, is the certificates and qualifications are recognised worldwide. I find the classes extremely helpful and it is easier to learn in a group study situation, rather than alone. The layout of the Study Books are very user friendly and the self tests give another opportunity to look over the study and retain the information. I find the courses a personal challenge to be empowered and active, in the Kingdom of God. ______________________________ I am a 4 year old Christian. In my early Christian life, I felt the need to study God’s Word in a systematic way. My pastor introduced me Global University courses to help me know God’s Word better. This improved my relationship with the Lord. Now, it is a joy to study the Bible, because with GU teaching, I am more concious of God’s plan for me and the work I need to do in His kingdom. I encourage all those who are serious with the Lord to study his Word. GU provides you some of the best materials so you can study at home with little or no help. STUDY  FOR  A STRONGER RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD In 11 Innovations in the Local Church by Elmer Towns, Ed Stetzer, and Warren Bird (Regal Books, 2007), the authors write, “There is nothing as powerful as entering a room where a servant of God who has mastered the Word and is filled with the Spirit communicates God’s Word in a powerful and practical way. In such a situation, the Word of God attracts the attention of its hearers, seeps into the inner recesses of the heart by conviction, and demands a response.” (p. 105). Does that statement resonate with you? We hope so. We encourage you as a Christian, whether you are a leader or not, to go deeper into the Word yourself through personal and programmed study. Pastors, leaders and church members are to be students of the Word of God. Still, students need to remember that study for study's sake produces big heads, but study of the Word to minister to the needs of people will eventually win souls and bring transformation to lives. to the second edition of our news letter. The board is very encouraged by the positive response by many of its receipiants, whether they are involved with GU or not. On behalf of the GU family in Malta, I wish you all be encouraged by this month’s issue. This month we have two testimonies, news from GU in Malta, a brief article of the benefit of study, and a brief course introduction for one of GU’s undergraduate courses. Please do let us know what you like or don’t in this news letter so we can improve it. If you missed May’s issue and are interested click here! LEADERSHIP TRAINING Global University Malta, together with the Evangelical Alliance of Malta (TEAM), is planning a leadership course (Guidelines for Leadership) to be taught to established and emerging leaders. This is a 2/3 credit course and requires a final exam. The course will be taught by different leaders in Malta. The idea is to help leaders work together on a “curriculum” which would be a type of training for the future accredited Bible School for whichTEAM is praying for. The prerequisite for the teacher is for him or her to study the course and pass the final exam. There are four Pastors already studying this course, one of whom is not yet a member of TEAM. Global University News 21435529 - 79475618 If you send us an email on this address (, we will send you a free GU Study guide of your choice from those introduced on our website under 21st Century Discipleship.