Why study the Bible academically? From a student's perspective, it has been a great joy for me to see such a growing interest in the study of God's word. Almost 20 years have gone by since I first got hold of a Global University course (back then it was known as the International Correspondence Institute or ICI). Today, it is amazing to see entire churches recognizing GU material as their official foundation for Christian education. Yet I believe that there is still much more ground to cover in reaching out to all the local communities with this wonderful self- guided study approach to the Bible that GU has to offer. Why should Christians study the Bible academically? My understanding is that many have been skeptical about this issue in the past because the Bible itself does not tell us how we should study it. This means that we have to use study methods that do not come directly from the Bible itself, and this is a source of concern to Christians, particularly because unscriptural methods can lead to improper teaching. We can already see the effects of dogmatic religious teaching in the very people we seek to evangelize in our own country - they are taught to accept everything they are told, instead of guided to think, question and understand. The mission of any respectable institution of Christian education such as GU is precisely the opposite. Its aim is not to indoctrinate with 'a belief', but rather it embraces an educational framework that provides both expert analysis and interpretation of the Bible and the necessary tools for the student to come to his or her own critical understanding of the subject matter. Studying the Bible academically does not simply help us to understand the meaning of scripture, but also makes us think critically about the social, cultural and political contexts within which a text has been written. In so doing it should inspire the student to reflect on current issues in his own society which may correspond with the problems documented in Biblical history. But even more than this, it is hoped that a scholarly reading of the Bible will encourage the student to engage in the application of Biblical principles as an active member of his Christian community, for the spiritual and moral benefit of society. God bless you all. to August’s news letter. This month is as usual busy for many of us here in Malta. The Evangelical Alliance of Malta organizes a number of activities for its members including a Jesus March which will take place on the 29th of this monty. The goal of the march is to demonstrate the glorious Person of the Lord. We read about His life in the gospels. One of the courses which helped me to know more about the person of Christ was called “Life of Christ.” This is the course featured for this month. Once you complete this course, you will never read the gospels like you used to before. You will find yourself walking with the Lord, hearing Him preach and performing all kinds of miracles. In other words, you will know Him better GUIDELINES FOR LEADERSHIP. The need to have academically trained leadership is being felt more as the church in Malta matures and grows. Consequently, Global University, together in cooperation with the Evangelical Alliance of Malta, will be starting a leadership course for the current leadership and prospect leaders on September 21, 2010. The first lesson will be taught at Knisja Evangelika Battista. The course is going to be taught by four pastors who studied the course themselves. For more information about the course, click here! Global University News 21435529 - 79475618 secretary@globaluniversity.org.mt If you send us an email on this address freecourse@globaluniversity.org.mt, we will send you a free GU Study guide of your choice from those introduced on our website under 21st Century Discipleship.