September 2015
Issue: 53
License Number: 2013-FHI-026
Christine and Joseph Agius visiting GU in Springfield in June 2015
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Director Joseph and Christine Agius were invited to Global University in Springfield, Missouri, USA, for a number of activities honoring Joseph for both his personal academic achievement and his leadership on behalf of Global University. These activities are associated with Global University’s annual commencement celebration. In recognition of Joseph’s high academic achievement (Joseph’s grade point average qualified him to graduate Summa Cum Laude, which means, “with highest honors.”), exemplary leadership and tireless work, Joseph was invited to be the Graduate School of Theology’s reflection speaker at the Commencement Ceremony. While participating in the commencement activities, Global leaders announced that Joseph is being recognized by DEAC as a 2014 famous alumnus. While in Springfield, Joseph spoke to Global’s faculty and staff at a chapel service. The Agius’ were guests of honors at the annual President’s Luncheon hosted by GU President, Dr. Gary and Mrs. Seevers. The couple had time to tour GU offices and saw how the “student service department” operated.
Christian Counseling, the second module for the undergraduate program is nearing its end. In October the students will be ready to take the exam and start the third module “Pastoral Counseling.” This small group of students are very dedicated and received very high praise from Dr. Rekers PHD, for their quality writing of their projects and learning assignments.
STARTING Monday, 26, October, 2015. Link for more information To apply follow this link. 
by Randy J. Hedlun, D.Th.