October 2015
Issue: 54
License Number: 2013-FHI-026
GIT Signs Study Center Agreement with Live Seed AG Church
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Learning centers are one of the best ways to teach systamatic theology in churches. We are happy to see a growing interest in this concept by different churches. In the left picture Rev. Joseph F. Laudi, and Joseph Agius, Director of GIT display the copy of the first agreement of its kind to be signed. The middle picture shows the class that are studying the Berean School of the Bible program which will lead to a full MQF level 5 qualfication. Those involved to make this work are in the third picture. Other learning centers will begin after some legal issues are ironed out with the NCFHE.
Counseling class collaborating their learning experience for enhanced learning The students are learning much more by discussing the study between them, giving the class a much more meaningful learning experience.
Commencement 2015
The ceremony will be presided by Dr. Robert Rose, and assisted by Director Joseph Agius. Dr. Rose is European Director for Global University. He serves as the European Director for Global University.  In addition, he is Professor of Missionary Theology and also the lead pastor of International Church of Rome in Rome, Italy.
More information about the Commencement More information about the Commencement