January 2015 brought with it new excitement. We started the first module of the Christian Counseling Undergraduate Certificate. The program has six modules that include classes in Christian psychology, pastoral counseling, human relations, Christian counseling and marriage counseling. Thirty-one students are attending the course. Dr. Al Henk Rekers PHD is teaching the first module. In Malta he is the only one qualified to teach the module. This year we hope that we will be able to again teach Greek I. Because of unforseen work load to uphold licensing obligatons we could not submit the Christian Service and the Berean School programs. However, we started work on the applications. I also hope that we will manage to keep our newsletter published every month.
February 2015
Issue: 49
Joseph Agius GIT Director
We are also happy to announce that GIT submitted its own course for accreditation with the NCFHE. It is a counseling course called “What Happens to Love After Marriage.” The course is proposed to have a 4 MQF credits (3 GU credits). It is part of Continuous Professional Development course we are taking. This diploma helps us to be able to keep the internal quality assurance standards required to retain our license. The study is not designed for distance learning. The student will need to attend the class as in a traditional classroom.  Click here for program objectives
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First Class meeting at the new Building
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