May 2015
Issue: 52
License Number: 2013-FHI-026
Psychology Students collaborating theirs learning experience
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Students with Global University among other learning activities, they are assigned projects to demonstrate their mastering of the course’s learning outcomes. In this particular activity, a group of psychology students demonstrated their learned skills by giving a presentation showing how the gifts of the Holy Spirit, are helpful to heal negative psychological behaviors. The carefully chose Bible verses and applied them in their context. The truly showed that correct interpretation of the Bible and true science collaborate together.
GIT is indebted to Dr. Al Rekers for voluntarily, spent four months teaching Introduction to Psychology: A Christian Perspective. Dr. Rekers also was involved in advising pastors, church leaders and members in several areas of life. The students awarded Dr. Al Maltese with a Maltese class plate inscribed with words of appreciation.
Teaching a child the way he should go is one of the priorities for GIT. A number of local churches use the children’s curriculum to teach children the foundations of Christianity.