August 2014
Issue: 47
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License Number: 2013-FHI-026
We missed being with you for the last three months. We assure you that life at GIT was not idle. Many things have been going including the Greek I study. The students worked hard and completed the module just last week. Now they are preparing for their exams. However, we are very excited with the graduation of four students on December 12. They completed an undergraduate certificate MQF Level 5 qualification. We will send you a report of the event soon after. Meanwhile, you can meet the students and read about the program here: GIT widened its networking with Maltese churches, were leaders from Sureway Pentecostal Church are also taking further and higher education courses. Surely, GIT in Malta is a major source of genuine church unity.
Joseph Agius GIT Director
The leadership course I am taking is helping me to sharpen my leadership skills. I committed myself to postpone things and complete the study. I am receiving inspiration how to apply what I learn in my pastoral ministry. I feel that it is encouraging, and helping me to fulifill my duties better. The course is also helping me to grow in my Christian life. I feel blessed finding out how to do what God wants from my life. I can understand better, and more clearly what God has trusted to me. I feel I am becoming more equipped to serve God and influence this world with the teaching of Christ. I pray that other leaders in Malta will open their hearts for study like those offered by Global University. This course is so inspired that it gives me energy to boost my calling. I am enjoying ever minute, and I am sure it will do the same to you.
Joseph Schembri Pastor  of Sureway Pentecostal Church