March 2014
Issue: 42
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License Number: 2013-FHI-026
Joseph Agius GIT Director
Hello friends, March was anothr busy month for GIT. The students worked hard to complete their course before last to complete their undergraduate certificate in The Bible Certificate program. Now one more module to complete the whole program and graduate this December. As you know we are promoting two studies; the first is Greek I, which will start on September, and the second a full qualification of an undergraduate certificate in Christian Counseling. will start January 2015. We will keep promoting these studies and others in the next newsletters. I am very pleased that there is already a great interest from a number of pastors and leaders in both programs. I am personally looking forward to the Greek I module. It will be a challenge for  many of us, however the result will be that more Maltese Evangelical Christians will be able to read and translate portions of the Bible in the language it was written.
Rev. Joel Ellis has been appointed as Global University’s new Vice President of Global Operations. Ellis is preceded in the Vice President position by Dr. Joe Szabo, who served Global University for eight years, and in the role of Vice President from 2009 through 2013. Most recently, Ellis has been on assignment as an Assemblies of God World Missionary to India, serving the country since 2004. Before his transition to Global University’s international office in Springfield, Missouri, Ellis served as the Regional Director for Global University in India and he will continue to serve in this capacity as Vice President of Global Operations. Read more