June 2014
Issue: 44
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License Number: 2013-FHI-026
Joseph Agius GIT Director
Leadership integrity is the sign of genuine Christianity. My philosophy of quality assurance in our school leadership is for the board and teachers to display the highest Christian character possible. This includes also the students. What is the use of studying theology, when one does not live it? Maybe our generation has taken Christian values lightly; on this thesis, my eye is on the young children in the churches who are the adult church of tomorrow. In order to reach the children, GIT is working hard to promote the Children’s Curriculum and the Christian Life Series in Malta. I am blessed to say that a number of churches have caught this vision. The latest church that the pastoral team agreed to use Global University materials is Sureway International Malta. Further more, the pastoral team will be enrolling in the Bearen School of the Bible, to be further equipped for ministry. Step by step, Global University is being recognized by the local churches as being their source for Christian education.
Interview with Isaac Cilia
Did you know that… • Since the founding of ICI in 1967 over 2 million people have believed in Christ for salvation. (so far in 2014, over 6,600 people have received Christ as Savior) • We have materials in 125 languages. • We have students in 163 nations. • We have 220 offices around the world. • We have Global University graduates who are now Pastors, District Superintendents, and General Superintendents. Behind each one of these statistics are powerful stories of God’s great redemptive work around the world.