July 2014
Issue: 45
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License Number: 2013-FHI-026
This month was especially busy with several seminars and conferences organized by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education. These mainly consist of consultations concerning the quality assurance framework for HF education, which will be concluded next year. The NCFHE, is also training service providers (including GIT) to train and qualify people to ensure quality assurance in their institutions. The Program is called “Network of Quality Assurance Professionals in Higher Education.” The result for all this work is to make sure that what an institution offers, is truly given with the best quality. Therefore, GIT will have the primary responsibility for the quality of its courses, quality management  and quality teaching. .
Joseph Agius GIT Director
Did you know that… Dr. Gary Seevers stated on Facebook that in a new report: 926 people are now enrolled in Global's India College of Ministry. This should result in at least 926 house-churches being planted within one year. According to Indian leadership, these 926 house-churches should result in at least 23,150 people making a decision for Jesus. Praise God!.
Director Joseph Agius at a round table conference discussing with his peers different aspects of the quality assurance  document
Director Joseph Agius and Pastor Patrick Stevenson after completing a three day workshop on e-learning methodologies, with their instructors.
New Testament Greek I will start September 2, 2014. Preliminary meeting was held on July 31. Anyone interested can still contact us. Those who attending already learned to speak few phrases in Greek, and were very encouraged to start their formal Greek learning in few weeks.
Global University Receives Digitized Translated Courses in Memory of AGWM Missionary Terry Janke. 105 courses translated in Albanian, Greek and Macedonian by the late Terry Jank. Read more