December 2013
Issue: 39
Certainly, December is one of the months which will be remembered in the history of Global Institute of Theology among the Maltese Evangelical and Pentecostal churches. Three major events took place which show the way God moved and left us breathless with His amazing provision sealing His approval on the school. Graduation The hard work of the students has produced the fruit they were expecting. The ceremony went even better than expected and many of the guests commented on the professionalism of the event. This was the very first experience for many of us and only God could have been guiding our planning. Because we were serving Him with excellence He allowed us to reap excellence! License Approved On Wednesday, December 12, we received the much awaited license to operate as a Distance Learning School. The license stands on four pillars. (1) Accredited programs; (2) Qualified Headmaster; (3) Internal quality assurance mechanism, and a building approved as a public place for teaching.
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The Providence of God
School Building Provided Because it has been our vision to have different classes at different times we needed a place to meet. We do not have the means to either rent a building, much less to purchase one. Our license does not cover us to meet as a group unless we have an approved building by the Malta Environment Planning Authority. However, God had already planned how to have such a place which we can use. A Brother was led to build a place to be used for the Lord. Pastor Edwin Caruana, who is currently using this place for his church, spoke to the owner about our situation and he immediately gave us permission to use this place for free. Now, GIT has all the requirements to operate as a school. All the hard work to achieve this step has borne fruit because God is in it.
License Number: 2013-FHI-026