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. The Lord has blessed me with many things and a wide variety of experiences. However, for the last three years, the blessedness of unity of believers has been always on the top of the agenda. God is using Global University in Malta to unite various denominations, in the Pentecostal and Baptist traditions. The fact that ten teachers from six churches are regularly teaching the classes is proof on its own. Two churches in particular decided to join their Bible studies midweek evening and are teaching GU courses. They alternate churches after each course. There are multiple benefits in this unity. The churches are using each others’ resources, including the different ministries that the Holy Spirit planted within them. However, the most important thing is that the churches’ members have united together. It is such a joy to see them in fellowship together. They are also blessed to see how the church leaders interact with each other and the trust they have cultivated and the support they give to one another. God is using Christian Education to build up His Church.
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The Bible and the Church This course started on August 26, 2013, and 20 people enrolled to attend. 12 of which will enroll to take the final exam. The first lesson was taught by Dr. Al Rekers, Ph.D., Dr.Theol. He is Emeritus professor at South Carolina University and has other academic degrees from Other universities. In His teaching, Dr. Rekers, inserted countless of examples that he himself encountered during his lifetime of academics. He exposed how wrongly the Bible was used during the history of the church, especially in modern times. Teachers’ Seminar It is requested by the NCFHE that teachers attend seminars to update with the latest news and requirements for quality assurance teaching. The first meeting for GIT was held on August 15. In the meeting the Director explained the responsibilities each teacher has to provide quality assurance to our students
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GIT News GIT News The Church: From Pentecost to the Reformation (HIS2202/3—Credit: 2–3 hours) This course is an introductory study of the history of Christianity from its birth to the beginnings of the Reformation. The course provides an introduction to history as a discipline and emphasizes the importance of history in relation to the Christian faith. It deals with the apostolic church, the early church fathers, the ecumenical councils, the emergence of medieval theology and church practice, as well as the beginning of the Renaissance in Europe. The course content includes a consideration of the contribution of major Christian theologians, the relationship of the church and state, and the rise of monasticism and missions, tracing the geographical expansion of Christianity. The twelve lessons are structured so as to enable you to apply insights learned from the past to contemporary situations.
I have been born again two years. I have attended a church and later a homegroup, but now I am presently attending Knisja Evangelika Battista, a long established church where biblical teaching is in abundance. On the first day  I attended, I conversed with Dr. Al Rekers Ph.D., who encouraged me to study with Global   University in Malta. I contacted the GU director in Malta and explained to him what I feel my calling is. I feel that my calling is to inform the Maltese that Jesus is coming back for the church. Therefore, the director led me to a course called Eschatology, which means the study of the end times. Although I just started the study, I already learned a lot and am using what I learned in my evangelism. The course is  very easy to understand and therefore, I am very encouraged to press on studying the Word of God. I am also attending a class on another course called the Bible and the Church on Mondays. I believe that all Christians need to study these courses because they are substantial in doctrine and with my past experience I see the difference in preachers who study systematically and those who do not.
Keurt V. Petroni