September 2013
Issue: 37
It is a joy for Global University’s leaders, staff, and faculty to announce the selection of Rev. Joseph Agius to Global University’s Alumni Hall of Honor. Rev. Agius is one of three alumni to receive this recognition and be inducted into the Hall during this biennium. Fittingly for a godly man, Rev. Agius is reluctant to draw attention to himself, especially regarding such a unique recognition. However, Global University’s leaders request this article be published to students, faculty, and supporters of Global Institute of Theology – Malta through this newsletter. As the Scriptures admonish us, give “honor to whom honor is due!” The Global University Alumni Hall of Honor celebrates and recognizes our Alumni around the world. The Hall of Honor inductees have demonstrated how God is using our alumni to make a difference in His kingdom. Through them, God's grace is made known to all nations. The members of this group share a common motivation that inspires many—a desire to prepare for ministry. Hall of Honor Inductees have: Studied with Global University Demonstrated notable
By Vice Provost, Dr. Randy Hedlun
Congratulations to Rev. Joseph Agius
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achievement in and/or through their ministry Made significant contributions to the great commission through involvement in their local community, church or other ministry endeavours The Hall of Honor includes alumni who have served in all areas of ministry leadership, including national superintendents, college presidents, pastors, and international educators. Global University is privileged to be represented by alumni who provide leadership like Rev. Agius. As a pastor, an educator, and administrator, and most of all as a follower of Jesus Christ, Joseph Agius is a fine example to Global University students and alumni around the world. He is a worthy representative of all inductees to the Hall of Honor.
Director J. Agius inducted in GU’s Hall of Honor
We feel that it is for God’s glory that this news is shared with our leaders. It took some time to convince our Director to allow this writing, but as GU leadership requested this event to be published, he submitted to their desire. DET  SOCIETY HONOUR We feel that it is also fitting to mention, that nearly three years ago, our director received another honour from the Delta Epsilon Tau Society (DET). DET is sponsored by the Distance Education and Training Council. To recognize the academic achievements of students who study at a distance, the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) Board of Trustees officially established the Delta Epsilon Tau International Honor Society (DET). In order to receive this honour, the graduate must attain an A+ in all programs required. read more