www.git.edu.mt |  Making Disciples and Equipping Them July 2013 Bringing Affordable Education Home to YOU Christian Adult Education in Cultural Context(EDU4132/3—Credit 2 or 3 hours)  Through this course, the student will be enabled to help others become effective teachers of adults. The course is designed to quicken the student to understand and apply the principles of Christian adult education to a program of church leadership training appropriate to his or her cultural context. It combines a study of theory, history, and practical application with a variety of anecdotes to illustrate the concepts. The focus is primarily on education and training for church leadership and ministry, although the principles can apply to other programs. The course also emphasizes the recognition of individual, cultural, environmental, and occupational demands that inform the shaping of a contextualized educational program. It is intended to provide the tools to enable educators to teach Christian adults with excellence.
Paul told Timothy, “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth. (Tim. 2:15-16, NIV). “Do your best,” (spoudazo) translates a verb that refers to the act of putting the utmost effort into some activity; hence “make every effort,” “try as hard as you can,” (Strongs, 2006; et al.) and similar connotations. “Present,” translates a verb that literally means, "to place beside," and in an extended way has taken the meaning, “to exhibit, to prove, to show, to present” (USB, 1997). Consequently, according to USB, this passage may be translated, “Try as hard as you can to win God's approval,” or “... to cause God to approve of you,” or “... to cause God to feel pleased with you.” To study hard is not man’s invention to pastors and teachers, but it is God’s command.
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THE BIBLE AND THE CHURCH A new course starting on August 26, 2013 In recent times both the Bible and the church have been under assault. Liberal critics have sought to destroy the credibility of the Bible. In fact, a serious battle has raged over its inspired character and infallibility.  To apply for this course please click this link. Call us for more information.
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Jeff Higgins here! I am 30 years old, married to Jemma, & we have a son called Devon. I have just completed year 2 of a 3 year theological course at the Irish Baptist College. As part of this training I had the privilege (along with Jemma & Devon) of spending almost 5 weeks in Malta, assisting the churches in preaching & outreach. It was a blessing to learn from many sincere believers and leaders, including Pastor Paul Mizzi & Pastor Joe Agius. Reflecting upon this experience, I can truly see how thorough theological training, coupled with practical wisdom from my lecturers, helped greatly during my time in Malta. May this short account encourage you if you are studying or are considering studying God's word in a formal way. Always remember that we do not study in isolation, the beauty of the scriptures should impact our lives, the lives of others, & our worship towards our Sovereign God.
OUR FIRST GRADUATE We are very pleased to announce that GIT has its very first graduate. Christopher Abela who completed all the requirements of ‘The Bible Interpreter” undergraduate certificate. Christopher’s results are extraordinary high and obtained an excellent “A” with GPA of 3.95. His graduation ceremony will be announced soon.
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