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Jesus is the Word of God; this is what we study. Some people are of the opinion, that academic study is not spiritual and is not to be advocated as a need by Bible Schools. However, this is not quite true. Bible schools have existed in a primitive way since the Law of Moses was given and began developing in the way they have developed today. Jesus has come to show us the Father and His plan for Salvation. Misunderstanding what the Bible teaches is misleading to the correct image of Christ and understanding of the plan of God.  Therefore, the theological study about Jesus is important. It is called Christology. The course that is featured this month is all about understanding who Jesus is. It refutes false philosophy about Jesus, and establishes the truth to the person who diligently studies it. Biblical and theological studies in general have the goal of helping the student learn and know about the plan of God for each person and for the Church. Therefore, knowing God is of absolute importance. No one can read the Bible and understand what it meant when it was originally written without studying. The Holy Spirit uses this study to expand His Word through teachers who took the time to learn and prove themselves approved.
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Issue: 27
New Program at Gozo Jesus Center Gozo Jesus Center continues to progress in its endeavor to promote Christian education. The pastor, Peter Daugelat, is introducing to His church a new program of discipleship. It a series of 39 lesson to train and shape believers to be committed disciples.  Destiny International Christian Center Destiny International Christian Center started this month a GU program in Christian Services. The course they are studying is called “Alive in Christ.”  Word of Life PH Church Word of Life Pentecostal Church is starting the series of studies in the Christian Life Series. The target students are the youths of the church who many have completed the children curriculum and are now a class higher in their curriculum.  Dean’s Visit to Malta Dr. Randy Hedlun is the Dean of the Berean School of the Bible. This is one of the four schools which make up Global University. This will be a historical visit for several reasons. He will be inaugurating the first lesson of the 21st Discipleship program in Gozo. He will also be donating Global University’s study guides to the Evangelical Library, and will be teaching at the school’s class which is meeting at Destiny Learning Center.
If you send us an email on this address freecourse@globaluniversity.org.mt, we will send you a free GU Study guide of your choice from those introduced on our website  under 21st Century Discipleship.
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READ WHAT NEW STUDENTS HAVE TO SAY The course I’m attending at GIT Malta is equipping me with principles and sound information which are helping me to understand more the ‘Truth’ that God wants to convey through His Message. Through such courses I feel that the Holy Spirit is working more in my life and the more I get to know God’s will, by studying His Word, the more excited and eager I get to know more. The information I’m getting from such courses such as the Historical background and Cultural contexts when the scriptures were inspired and the Principles to interpret the Bible, are helping me to understand more thoroughly the message of salvation and are helping me to become more passionate about God and His plan laid out throughout His Word.  So I recommend these courses to anyone who is eager to find out more about God’s Word and about God’s plan for their lives. The well prepared teachers and fellow Christian students are also an encouragement to myself and make this journey more enjoyable.
Christology (THE2043—Credit: 3 hours) This course systematically presents the person of Jesus Christ in His past, present, and future work. Divergent historical and contemporary views are given, but the student is supplied with ample Scripture to refute unbiblical views. The student is introduced to typology and is given the opportunity to see the abundant revelation of Christ in the Old Testament. A thorough treatment is given to the fulfillment of prophecy as it relates to Christ both in the past and the future. The main emphasis of the course is to discover exactly what Scripture says about Jesus Christ.
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