www.git.edu.mt |  Making Disciples and Equipping Them July 2012 Bringing Affordable Education Home to YOU The Corinthian Letters (BIB4062/3—Credit: 2/3 hours) This course covers the study of 1 and 2 Corinthians. It gives the student a view of life in the city of Corinth and the problems that these epistles were written to correct. Since these are in some ways the most self-revealing of Paul’s letters, the course provides a deeper insight into the apostle’s character and ministry. Throughout the course, the student will find emphasis on the practical application of Paul’s teachings for today. The great doctrines of the Bible given in these epistles are applied to Christian life and ministry today.
Over and over again, I come across Christians who are not sure if preaching is spiritual, if the preacher studies in an established Bible school. I believe preaching and systematic study goes together. In fact the more the preacher knows the Bible, the more spiritual his sermons will be. The Word of God is spirit (John 6:63). Paul gave a prescriptive command to Timothy when he instructed him to study to show himself approved (2 Timothy 2:15). The Greek word for approved refers to one being approved after being tested. If one was to be tested, that means someone of higher authority was to evaluate the ability of a person whether or not he or she reached a certain requirement. Surely all believe that discipling believers is prescriptive Scriptural command. Paul also told Timothy to entrust faithful men who will be able to teach others also (2 Timothy 2:24). So, here we are, someone needs to make an assessment. Therefore, attending an accredited Bible school is a good way to be assessed by competent authorities. Start studying the Living Word of God systematically today, and serve Him even better.
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The Corinthian Letters Third Course towards undergraduate certificate in Biblical Interpretation GIT just completed the second course leading to the above certificate. In two weeks 18 students will be taking the final exam by competing their written assignments, and taking the final exam. September 3, 2012, we will give start to a new course The Corinthian Letters. As you can read its introduction here, this course will give the student the real feel of the Corinthian Church’s life. The study guide will give a clear understanding of the “why” Paul wrote these revealing letters. The course will be explained in its cultural, historical and social settings to understand Paul’s teaching. This course can be taken by anyone who is interested to have deeper understanding of these two wonderful letters found in the New Testament. As always the teachers who will be instructing the 15 lessons of this course are well known for their ability to deliver the lesson plan and apply it to our (Maltese) cultural context. However, we are very happy to have Pastor Nicholas A. Montalto teaching for GIT for the first time. Pastor Montalto recently recieved his Masters Degree in Missions from Mattersey Hall in England. (Mattersey Hall Uses Global University Study guides).
If you send us an email on this address freecourse@globaluniversity.org.mt, we will send you a free GU Study guide of your choice from those introduced on our website  under 21st Century Discipleship.
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I am Jide Jetson, Pastor of Destiny International Christian Assembly in Malta. My wife (Roberta) and I have been pastoring for this church for over six years and we are also students of Global University. Although I have done some Bible courses in the past, I can honestly say that studying at GIT Malta is a great privilege to us. The materials used are theologically sound and as well as faith building.  Those teaching the different subjects has proved themselves as called teachers and completed the course themselves. The guidance by the GIT director, is seen in the success of the way lessons are delivered. As a Pastor who is very keen on helping people grow in their knowledge of Christ, I have come to see the importance of correctly interpreting God’s Word as it originally was intended to by the original writer through the study guides written by Global University. This has helped me a great deal in my teaching and preaching of God’s Word. To have a strong church, the leader’s primary task is to “feed and nurture God’s people with God’s Word.” Therefore, when the Bible is correctly interpreted, and the church remains faithful to a Biblically sound doctrine, it will be triumphant now and in the generation to come. We have also encouraged some members of the church to enroll and by the grace of God, they are doing well; not just leaders but also members who wants to study God’s Word to be good workmen thoroughly furnished for every good work. Pastor Jide Jetson