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Every now and then people enquire about the development of the church after its birth. Some think that the church started by having a set of rules which were obeyed and followed through the centuries. This is not quite correct. The church went through countless of events which became forces which changed her original mission. Sadly, many of these changes were negative, and did not reflect the teaching of Christ, or His character. Neither did the Church proclaim the Biblical gospel of Jesus Christ which Paul preached. Nevertheless, there were times of refreshing, when sections of the Church looked up to heaven in prayer and sought the guidance of the Holy Spirit to go back to the Biblical roots. Throughout the ages, parts of the Church experienced awakenings, revivals, and reforms. Most of these changes were positive, because the Church wanted to be God’s Church, and not one designed by the rules of man. In order to understand this wonderful history, which shaped the thinking of mankind for the last 2000 years, I suggest to you to take the course featured for this month “The church: from Pentecost to the Reformation. Learn about the who, what, where, when and why of the past. This will brief you about the first 1500 years of the Church history.
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The Corinthian Letters This is the third course out of eight which will lead to an undergraduate certificate in Biblical Interpretation. The number of students that registered for the program is still high although two officially dropped from the course. It has been encouraging that others joined and have a stable class of 15 enrolled students. However, others have attended for the courses and made up a class average of 23. Visit from the Dean of the Berean School of the Bible Dr. Randy Hedlun, Dean of BSB will be visiting Malta from October 5 to 11, 2012.  Among other engagments, he will be teaching lesson 7, from the course The Corinthian Letters, on October 8. The course is taking place at Destiny International Christian Assembly in Gzira.
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READ WHAT NEW STUDENTS HAVE TO SAY ABOUT GLOBAL UNIVERSITY I am just about ready for the next study guide. I am really enjoying this first book and I have found it very encouraging and helpful. I have found myself praying a lot more in times that I normally would let my mind wander which is a great step forward. It had made such a difference in my attitude and I am not over thinking situations. This course has been life changing. Besides increasing my understanding of the Bible, it has made me want to study and approach Scriptures more seriously. I learned how to appreciate the importance of accurate interpretation of Scripture, and understand how to apply the principles of interpretation in my own personal Bible reading. I encourage the readers to take such courses.
The Church: From Pentecost to the Reformation (HIS2202/3—Credit: 2–3 hours) This course is an introductory study of the history of Christianity from its birth to the beginnings of the Reformation. The course provides an introduction to history as a discipline and emphasizes the importance of history in relation to the Christian faith. It deals with the apostolic church, the early church fathers, the ecumenical councils, the emergence of medieval theology and church practice, as well as the beginning of the Renaissance in Europe. The course content includes a consideration of the contribution of major Christian theologians, the relationship of the church and state, and the rise of monasticism and missions, tracing the geographical expansion of Christianity. The twelve lessons are structured so as to enable you to apply insights learned from the past to contemporary situations.
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