We can all see how in our small Island, all kinds of relegions are doing their best to promote their philosophies. Eastern religions are taking roots and many Maltase, who are dissatified with their traditional religion are seeking elsewhere. The course we are featuring today is called “People and Their Beliefs. It is a very good course giving a good overview of a number of relgions of which some are being established in Malta. It will be profitiable for the Maltese Evangelical to have a basic idea what these religions teach and where they have originated. The Course is a tool not only for evangelists, but also to all those who obey the Great Commission to preach the Gospel to all people. 21435529 79475618 guassistant@globaluniversity.org.m t I have been attending a Christian church for 20 years now, but have really committed my life to the Lord about five years ago. About two years later I have felt the Lord calling me to work in His field but I did not know what he really wanted from me, until I was asked to join the eldership at my church about a year after. Then I started studying with Global University, which has greatly increased my knowledge in the Word of God. Being a church elder, the first course I studied was ‘Guidelines for Leadership.’ The principles I learned are very valuable to my ministry. Among other things I learned that the leaders role is one of a servant and not of position. Life of Christ, the course I am currently studying has not only taught me the missionary journey of our Lord but also how to read the bible in context and how to compare and interpret events that are seemingly contradicting each other  from one Gospel to the other. Apart from the academic value of these courses I strongly suggest studying with Global as they will enhance your spiritual life. t Issue: 16 GIT News Gozo Jesus Center is now part of the GIT family on the Maltese Islands. The Board’s Chairman of the Center, Peter Daugelat is engaged in studying for a level 2 Licensed Minister diploma. Peter has become a fervent believer in Christian Education and encouraged a group of 10 students, members in the church to begin a study on the Book of Romans using GIT courses. Brother Daugelat will become the new Director for GJC learning center. On the 20th of November, he will be presented the certificate authorizing him to act as a a GIT (GU) Learning Center Director. The only Evangelical Church on the Island of Gozo should be very proud that it is part of the most largest  accredited distant learning Theological School in the world Ben (Elder) with His wife practicing to teach "The Life of Christ Pastor Jide with His wife practicing to teach "The Life of Christ Peter Daugelat surrounded different courses he purchased for himself and his church t GIT believes in the “maximise participation” principle of gifted teachers. Therefore, teachers from different churches are being trained to teach the  courses constituting the Bible Interpreter under graduate certificate starting in January Gozo Jesus Center members studying the Letter to the Romans If you send us an email on this address freecourse@globaluniversity.org.mt, we will send you a free GU Study guide of your choice from those introduced on our website  under 21st Century Discipleship.