to the last news letter for this year. For GIT it has been a wonderful year. We achieved a lot and next year will be even better, with God’s help. It will be our aim to be a means to promote quality preaching in our pulpits. No one can say, I am a good preacher and don’t need improvement. In fact, we find that quality in preaching need constanct care. It requires, training, study, and opportunities to preach. Pastors are priveldnged that they have a “right” for the pulpit. However, the Lord, have many more able people, who are called “lay teacher and preachers.” January, will start the year with the first course in the undergraduate degree in the Bible Interpretor. The first course is the Life of Christ. On Tuesday 13, four student/teachers took the course.and trainend in how to teach it. GU is providing the opportunity for lay teachers and preachers to have opportunity to minister outside the church walls preparing them to be able Bible School teachers. 21435529 79475618 t Issue: 18 GIT News If you send us an email on this address, we will send you a free GU Study guide of your choice from those introduced on our website  under 21st Century Discipleship. this program. The pictures above is taken from a church in Helsinki. The Sunday School Administrator, an ex member of GU church, exported GU material to the church. The Children are showing of their certificate for completing different levels of the program. It is our conviction that education has to be part of any Christian ministry. Therefore GU is available for you build an educational program in your church. There are some that are claiming that one must be academically qualified in ministry is unbiblical, and all one needs is God's calling. However, we, at GIT keep constant appealing to Maltese Evangelical and Pentecostal leaders to train teachers and preachers in an accredited institute. Leaders, such as pastors, elders and teachers have one colossal responsibility. They have to be of positive influence to their followers. They are to be the models to their followers because modeling provides them the archetypal example of what is expected. "Ultimately, education and leadership shade into each other to become almost inseparable…" (Page 1994, 116). Christian leaders as Church administrators, must help their followers to become what God wants them to be while under their care. Therefore, Bible pastors and teachers, must be the persons leading others to commit towards their goals, working in unity with others, and have the best effective Bible teaching program possible to further the Kingdom of God.(Rush 7, 2003). This all starts form the desire to see the church to become a learning centre ...starting from the foundation which are children. A number of local churches are emphasising this principle and are using GU materials. These courses are available from kinder up to grade six. Word of Life Ph Church, and Destiny Christian Assembly in Malta are involved in Is Education Compatible with Ministry? GIT students taking final exams on the undergaduate course “Life of Christ.”