Hello,  I am Joseph Agius, your director in Malta. I owe much to Global University because my life and ministry were greatly enhanced with what I learned during my studies. I hope my short biography will help you understand why I am so passionate about Global-ICI University Personal Background My name is Joseph Agius from Malta. My wife and I have been born again for 18 years. I have been in full time ministry for 15 years. From the early stages of our conversion, the Lord had been using us in different stages of ministry. We started as evangelists and planted two churches, one in Malta and the other one in Gozo (a sister Island of Malta), and pioneered the first evangelical work in the Maltese prison. We served in this ministry for 15 years. We pastored both churches. The church in Gozo we pastored for 15 years. At present we are still pastoring Word of Life Pentecostal church in Malta and directing Global Institute of Theology - Malta. Study My heart has always been inclined to study. I was first introduced to Global University (ICI Institute at the time) by the late Brother Angelo Nesta and his wife Helen. He was a great encourager for my family and to our fledgling church. Later, Daniel Stump continued on the good work of Angelo and kept supporting me in my studies. At one point, Dan encouraged me to take the final exams of the courses I had completed with ICI, which I did. After that Dan suggested to me to study for a degree with ICI. I will always be thankful for his advice. After Him Ahmed Bugri directed my studies My passion to learn was by this time increasing. My character was changing to the better and my sermons and Bible Studies were becoming much more meaningful, because I made sure I preached and taught using ICI materials as guidelines. This was one of Brother Nesta’s first counsels which I still remember and keep. The Lord was directing me to take the steps necessary to start teaching these courses as well. With the encouragement and supervision of Dan Stump I began teaching ICI courses to different churches in Malta. My wife and I translated a number of courses into the Maltese language, to help those who did not read or speak English and even led them to take final exams. One of the greatest satisfactions was when illiterate people took the final exam which
Meet the Director
was translated into Maltese and passed the exam. Since then I kept teaching ICI/GU courses and always tried to promote it in Malta. Students not from the Pentecostal tradition attend the courses as well. My heart to teach was noticed by a number of people. Because of that, I was asked to teach a course on evangelism at CICM in London. I taught this course for a number of years. I also taught different courses in St. Augustine’s Institute in Malta. This institute was teaching converted Muslims from North Africa in Malta. I was a member of the board of the school and also its pastor. I am regularly invited to teach/preach in churches in the UK. Education I studied four years in mechanical engineering; metal machining and metal fitting in the Technical Institute in Malta, but did my final exams for the City and Guilds with London Institute. I studied a course in Evangelism (Evangelism Explosion III) at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Florida. I am a certified teacher trainer for the course. With Global University I received two degrees; one in Bible & Theology and the other in Religious Education. I also completed an M.A. in Biblical studies. Currently I am enrolled in an M.Div. program, also with Global University. I also have been trusted with the responsibility of adjunct faculty member with the rank of Assistant Professor. Vision for Global University in Malta When I was born again, the church I was attending was in the extreme right of the “Faith Movement.” My early studies and counsel with Angelo Nesta began to clear my views. I was desperately in prayer asking the Holy Spirit to guide me in the truth. I was constantly praying 2 Tim 1:13- 14, “What you heard from me, keep as the pattern of sound teaching, with faith and love in Christ Jesus. Guard the good deposit that was entrusted to you — guard it with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in us.” One day I heard the voice of the Lord telling me to use ICI as a pattern of sound teaching. From there onwards, I preached and taught from ICI courses, and made ICI as the standard for our leaders in all levels. GU Study Centers It is my vision to see most churches in Malta as a GU learning center. This will benifit the local church in many ways including the material for teaching which can also lead the church members to to take accredited exams.
Director Joseph Agius