Tuition and Fees for Berean School of the Bible courses.
Berean School of the Bible
Each Study guide  €25.00 Final exams  (2 ECTS Credits) €50.00
Berean School of the Bible
At Global University Malta, we are committed to keep the prices as low as possible, to be affordable for our students. Our main aim is for all Christians to systematically study God’s Word. Consequently, Undergraduate courses, will cost in the average of €100 depending on the text book course and course credit hour.
The Berean School of the Bible is rated as an MQF 5 by the NCFHE. This qualification is awarded only after all the modules in the three levels are completed. More information about the program
Other Fees  New Student application, re-sit or reactivation  Fee is the value of 1 (one) Credit hour
In some cases courses can vary in cost. Student will be notified beforehand
Level 1 (Certified Level)    10 modules. Level 2 (Licensed Level) 10 modules. Level 3 (Ordination Level) 10 modules.
(internship courses also require the purchase of a mentor manual)
Instructional Facilitators Manual (IFM) Tools to enable classroom delivery of Berean School of the Bible courses Included in each facilitator's manual is a complete set of lesson plans and instructional aids for your class presentations. These Instructional Facilitators Manuals (IFMs) enable users to clearly and logically review Berean School of the Bible course content in a group setting. The purpose of having a classroom experience around the course content is to ensure that the students enrolled in the course comprehend the material and can successfully complete the course and related exams. IFMs are €50 each (before 20% study group discount) and include these components: Printed lesson plans; printed masters of worksheets, handouts, and visuals for photocopying. A CD with PowerPoint slide shows, an interactive customizable PDF of the IFM contents, and printable PDF files of worksheets and visuals.
Students outside of Malta will be responsible for other administration fees and p&p expenses.