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Christian Service Series -
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Preaching and Teaching  CS5251 Author Ernest Pettry demonstrates how to communicate God’s message effectively through preaching and teaching. These two methods of sharing God’s Word are alike in many ways. Yet during the history of the Christian church, each method has developed some distinctive characteristics. This course points out the advantages of both methods and helps prepare the reader to use them in the best manner for evangelizing the unreached and providing for the spiritual development and maturity of those that are ministered to.
People, Tasks, and Goals CS6261  Most of our knowledge comes to us in two ways: from patterns and from principles. In this course, author Billie Davis analyzes leadership from both perspectives and looks at examples of several of God’s chosen leaders. Students are given the opportunity to consider these familiar biographical studies of the Bible in a new context using the theme of leadership. The most advanced theories of leadership and human development are outlined, and the application of these theories in harmony with Christian faith and practice is explained.
Helping Christians Grow CS4341 Christian nurturing is very important to the church’s ministry and it is necessary for the growth and maturation of new believers. The author encourages and instructs those who would like to help develop spiritual maturity in others. He also makes them aware of their own need for more instruction. The emphasis is on the interdependence that exists in the Christian community. Recent converts need to be instructed and encouraged, while mature Christians need to teach and nurture others in order to grow themselves
Solving Life’s Problems CS6161 When you are having problems, do you know where to find answers? Author Dorothy Johns helps you turn your problems into victories. There are no clear-cut solutions for some of the problems that confront us. However, the Bible gives guidelines for finding solutions to many of life’s problems. It is not God’s will that Christians be defeated. As you study this course and apply the principles of problem solving, you will discover the wonderful blessing of allowing your problem-solver, Jesus Christ, to help you