Global University-Malta, for the very first time, has its own Board to support the National Director in furthering the mission of theological education in Malta. This board was inaugurated on Saturday 28, February 2009 at a breakfast meeting organized by the new board. The board sent invitations to all pastors and leaders on the island to attend for breakfast and at the Dolman Hotel, Qawra. 20 pastors and other leaders from the Evangelical and Pentecostal local churches in Malta accepted the invitation. After the breakfast the attendees met together to hear about the vision of Global University in Malta. There were three speakers who spoke about their perception of the importance of furthering academic education to the Maltese Evangelical and Pentecostal churches. The speakers for this historical event were: Paul Trementozzi, Pastor Patrick Stevenson and Pastor Joseph Agius. Paul Trementozzi, the Southern European Assemblies of God World Missions Office, spoke about the Biblical perception concerning education from the Second Epistle to Timothy. He described the historical background of the epistle to understand the exhortation of Paul to Timothy to study diligently the Word of God. Then he applied the scripture for today’s need emphasizing the importance for leaders to continue their Biblical and theological studies. Pastor Patrick Stevenson, pastor of Live Seed Christian Centre spoke about the importance of having the local church becoming a learning centre, where the students can study systematic theology and earn college credits for their efforts. He also mentioned how he noticed spiritual growth in his church and growing interest for further study. In fact, 18 members of his church where about to take the final exam for their first course. Pastor Joseph Agius, the National Director, spoke about the benefits of having the Maltese leaders academically qualified in their Biblical Studies by a university which has its degrees recognized even in Malta. He spoke about the vision of having a Maltese seminary where leaders and lay people can receive their theological education and be qualified with certificates accepted by the Maltese Qualification Recognition Information Centre. He informed the audience there were about 50 students studying for credits, of which five are studying for undergraduate certificates in Missions and Biblical interpretation, two are studying for an undergraduate degree in Bible and theology and one doing a Masters Degree. There were a number of questions from the pastors and leaders present and they all showed keen interest in the vision. In fact there were a number of suggestions how Global University can expand in the future. The event ended by the first board of Global University Malta signing the Board’s statutes. 
The first GU Baord in Malta
The First GU Board of Malta
Paul Trementozzi sharing his message Paul Trementozzi - Southern European Assemblies of God World Missions Office Paul Trementozzi - Southern European Assemblies of God World Missions Office Grazio Axisa - Board Member Grazio Axisa - Board Member Pastor Patrick Stevenson - Treasurer Pastor Patrick Stevenson - Treasurer Elaine Vasallo - Secretary Elaine Vasallo - Secretary Pastor Joseph Agius-National Director Pastor Joseph Agius-National Director
The signing of the Statutes
section of leaders present Pastor Patrick Stevnson Pastor Patrick Stevenson sharing his message