www.git.edu.mt |  Making Disciples and Equipping Them January 2013 Bringing Affordable Education Home to YOU Global University’s degrees are recognized by the Malta Qualification Recognition Information Center Worship of God (MIN3052/3—Credit: 2–3 hours) This course is designed to give a clear understanding of what Christian worship is when it is directed by the Holy Spirit. Basic to an understanding of worship is an understanding of who God is, what He is like, and why He wants us to worship Him. The necessity, values, and results of worship are discussed, and biblical models of worship are presented as guidelines for both individual and corporate worship. The course gives practical instruction in leading group worship by following biblical guidelines. It also encourages personal development and growth in devotional worship.
Thank be to God to start another year knowing Him better than l knew Him last year. When we study of the Word God and apply it to our life, we see the glory of God revealed more in our lives. Global Institute of Theology has been teaching for the last year the principles of Bible interpretation. Many students have commented how the courses are helping them not just to know, but also to experience the living Word in their life. We are now engaged in the fourth course towards an undergraduate certificate on hermeneutics. Our instructors are doing a magificat job. This year we are joined by distinguished Professor Emeritus Al-Henk Rekers, Ph.D., Dr.Theol. He is giving his time to teach in the course Old Testament Literature. I wish to thank all those who are being supportive to our vision, both locally and abroud.
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At first we were introduced to ICI University, where together with my husband and other church members we started to study the Word of God on different topics. I started from evangelistic basic courses to discipleship and training. This systematic way of study built more spiritual knowledge in me, where more understanding of God's unconditional love and His plan for us became more meaningful. The more I know of who He is to me and what He wants for me, the more I am thankful for the perfect sacrifice He endured to save me. Then there was the transition to Global University where by that time we were encouraging others to experience these rich and profound teachings. Personally each course I managed to go through, blessed me and I wish others have the same edifying involvement. Through my life, I experienced hard times especially when both my parents suffered terminal sicknesses. In those 20 years we were preparing our home, taking care of my parents, having our family and serving as ministers. ..but ONLY by God's grace, the teaching through these courses and keeping my eyes on the Lord has helped me to face the mountains, strive and go through each situation. In fact looking back God was with me all the way. Now together with my husband, Joe, we continue to work for GIT Malta so that together with others we encourage others to taste the goodness of God's Word and nourish on its wisdom. The promise is for everyone who is seeking more of Him….individually you will be strengthened, you will bless others as you live in His will, you will edify your church and effectively reach others to Christ.
Pastor Christine Agius Word of Life PH Church
Issue: 29
CHRISTIAN SERVICE LEVEL RATING WITH THE MALTA QUALIFICATION COUNCIL We are pleased to inform you that the first draft for the application with the MQF to give GIT a level rating for the Christian Service series is now complete. By the end of this month, our director will submit the application to the MQF. This is an importnat step for Malta as a number of studetns are taking these courses. STUDY GROUPS Currently there are five study groups active with different courses. One group is meeting in Mosta, and the course Principles of Biblical Interpretation is being thought. The other group is at Destiny Learning Center, covering the Christian Service series. At Live Seed PC the Old Testament Literature is being covered. At Word of Life PHC, the Christian Life course “Your New Life” is being discussed. In Gozo the 21st Disciple series is being taught.
If you send us an email on this address freecourse@globaluniversity.org.mt, we will send you a free GU Study guide of your choice from those introduced on our website  under 21st Century Discipleship.
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