www.git.edu.mt |  Making Disciples and Equipping Them May 2012 Bringing Affordable Education Home to YOU Principles of Biblical Interpretation (BIB2042/3—Credit: 2–3 hours) This course will cover the basic rules of Bible interpretation by stressing a pattern of explaining the rule, illustrating the principle, and allowing the student to practice interpretation. The course is divided into four units. In the first unit the student is exposed to basic definitions (presuppositions) that affect interpretation and a brief history of biblical interpretation. In the second unit the general rules of interpretation, applicable to all literature types, are outlined. In the third unit the rules that apply to specific genre types are explained. In the final unit the student will be given opportunity to apply all the rules on examples pages.
Principles of Biblical Interpretation is now in its second unit. . They have learned some important principles to help them interpret the Bible. One major principles is that a passage of Scripture, can never mean something which the original writer did not intend it to mean. I amazed with the excitement this caused among the students. They were given a number of examples of how through history, Scripture was missed and instead of God’s Word, man was preaching his own words. The course has revealed how many doctrines fall in the grid of the tradition of a particular, church, movement, or denomination. We are now already preparing to teach the next course which will be on the the Corinthian letters. Once again, a number of local leaders will be instructing the students.
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Student’s Record Access Global University made access to student’s course records very easy and convenient. Now, every student can view his or her records on line. Using the GIT website, one can go on resources and find “Student Record Access” on the sub-menu. The student can input the same information he or she uses uses to access the on-line resource Center to view his or her records. GIT Accreditation Updates GIT will start discussions with the Malta Qualification Council to accredit other programs offered by GU soon. This include the Christian Life, the Christian Service, and the Berean School of the Bible certificates. Once this is accomplished, Malta would have accredited courses for all five levels of leadership. These are, Sunday school, small group leaders, lay pastors, full time pastors and scholars.
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Jesus said, “I will build My Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it (Matt 16:18). As we all know that its us the people who is the church. I whole heartedly believe that we are being built up. We are getting stronger, becoming more effective in the Kingdom of God, as we are trained and equipped by Global University’s courses. I love the question time as I know we are getting Biblical answers and if we ask questions on a subject our Director, or one of the instructors, is always at hand with a Biblical answer. Great! The dialogues which take place are so informative and encouraging. What Joy fills my heart to inverst and relentless persevering God’s Kingdom regardless what obstacles the enemy throws at us. Paulette Winfield.