www.git.edu.mt |  Making Disciples and Equipping Them March 2012 Bringing Affordable Education Home to YOU The Church’s Educational Task (MIN3062/3—Credit: 2/3 hours). This course is designed for pastors or those who are responsible for the educational program in the local church. It provides a biblical foundation for Christian education as well as numerous guidelines for effective teaching. Attention is given to matters such as lesson planning and ministering to specific age levels in the church. The latter part of the course deals with administering the educational program, training leaders and teachers, and relating the educational task to the total ministry of the church.
The Topic of March’s newsletter is long due. It constitutes the education of children in the churches. Leaders, such as pastors, elders and teachers have one colossal responsibility. They have to be of positive influence to their followers, especially the children. They are to be the models to their followers because modeling provides them the archetypal example of what is expected. "Ultimately, education and leadership shade into each other to become almost inseparable…" (Page 1994, 116). Consequently, it is imperative that church leaders will give to correct example to the children of the church by being fervent students themselves. Besides, they must provide the opportunities to them to begin their systematic study of the Bible from a very young age. This newsletter will give a brief highlight of children education blessing the local church.
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PROTOCOL’S SIGNING     FIRST ANNIVERSARY On March 22, we celebrated the first anniversary of the signing of the protocol with the MQC. We achieved a lot. The renewed protocol now includes all BA degrees, and all undergraduate certificates GU offers. With God’s help, now, we have a strong program to offer to the Maltese. It is an honor for GIT’s students that they are obtaining certificates recognized, which are recognized by the EQF and QF-EHEA in about 50 countries. CHILDREN EDUCATION A number of local churches are emphasizing this principle and are using GU materials. These courses are available from kinder up to grade six. Word of Life PH Church, and Destiny Christian Assembly in Malta are involved in this program. The pictures above is taken from a church in Helsinki. The Sunday School Administrator, an ex-member  of GU church, exported GU material to the church. The Children are showing their certificate for completing different levels of the program.
If you send us an email on this address freecourse@globaluniversity.org.mt, we will send you a free GU Study guide of your choice from those introduced on our website  under 21st Century Discipleship.
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Teaching the kids in Sunday school is a privilege, a real fun and exciting experience!  Though a bit demanding, kids get bored pretty quick in Sunday school when they could be at home playing Wii or Nintendo but with the materials we are using to teach our kids, they just can't be bored!!! It's so exciting to know that these children are being taught in the ways of the Lord, growing to love Jesus and learning to walk in His footsteps. Yes, we do a lot of preparation, a lot of patience, a lot of love, and a lot of care, in teaching them about our wonderful God. The literature books are very interesting too, easy to follow and does help us a lot in teaching these kids, loads of exercises and activities. The work book is also very good. With this material it is very easy to communicate God's word to the children. The Bible says train up a child in the way he/she should go and when they grow up they will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6). Therefore, it's our responsibility at Destiny International Christian Assembly to help train these children to grow in the Word of Faith. That's why we find this material very interesting compared to others we have used in the past. It is easier for the kids to learn and memorise the Scripture verses. Good material to have a strong foundation for the church, family and to our larger community. Jemmie & Jeanelle
Sunday School in Helsinki