www.git.edu.mt |  Making Disciples and Equipping Them June 2012 Bringing Affordable Education Home to YOU Christian Adult Education in Cultural Context(EDU4132/3—Credit 2 or 3 hours)  Through this course, the student will be enabled to help others become effective teachers of adults. The course is designed to quicken the student to understand and apply the principles of Christian adult education to a program of church leadership training appropriate to his or her cultural context. It combines a study of theory, history, and practical application with a variety of anecdotes to illustrate the concepts. The focus is primarily on education and training for church leadership and ministry, although the principles can apply to other programs. The course also emphasizes the recognition of individual, cultural, environmental, and occupational demands that inform the shaping of a contextualized educational program. It is intended to provide the tools to enable educators to teach Christian adults with excellence.
It is interesting to note that statistics show that population of 25 years and obove is having a higher rate of participation in educational activities (NCES). What is more interesting for Christians is that those in their 40’s, going through mid-life transition and are characterized by questions about accomplishing life’s goals and plans for the later life, are becoming more involved in |life long learning programs. This also includes church goers who are seeking to have their self-actualization by being of service to God (Martz, 2004). Adults are highly motivated to learn, because they want to learn. Therefore, churches should be equipped for adult education. Consequently, I suggest to church leaders to take the course “Christian Adult Education in Cultural Context offered by Global University to understand more this phenomena, and thus be prepared to serve their middle aged members.
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 Doctor of Ministry Global University, is now  accredited Doctor of Ministry program (DMin). Global University received notification from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) that the Commission’s Institutional Actions Council voted to approve Global University’s request to offer the Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree. This is great news for this university, and a major step forward in Global University’s ability to train ministers around the World,” said Dr. John Nill, Provost. “It gives Global University a sequence of programs that spans the full range of educational levels, from materials for new believers to an accredited doctoral degree.” The Corinthian Letters Two of the most practical letters in the New Testament are without doubt the Corinthian letters. A course on these two letters will commence soon. Details in the next news letter or write to us for more information,
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I am a new Christian and I was seeking to learn more about prayers. Alton Costa, one of the leaders of our church suggested to follow the course he is teaching in church. He handed me the study guide “When You Pray”. I’ve learnt how much God loves us and He wants to answer our prayers. Prayer and reading the Bible is the way to have direct and personal contact with our Heavenly Father. Learning how to speak to God and listen to His answers, how to give all my faith and trust to the Lord  made my heart full of joy. Praying in group gave me a stronger bond with God and with brothers and sisters in church. This course helped me grow stronger in Christ and I think it was the perfect beginers course to start my journey with. The course is easy to follow, however, very practical and informative.