www.git.edu.mt |  Making Disciples and Equipping Them February 2012 Bringing Affordable Education Home to YOU Course Description Christian Counseling (MIN2022—Credit: 2 hours) Agape Therapy is a paraprofessional Christian lay-counseling ministry, which is an expression of love to meet the problems of troubled people within a spiritual perspective. This is a practical course of preparation for a Christian individual in or entering into a counseling-related profession.
By the time you receive this newsletter, the first class leading to an undergraduate certificate in The Bible Interpreter would be half through. It is amazing how the students immersed themselves in the Life of Christ. As the testimony of one of the students below states, the course is giving an in depth understanding of the Bible especially in the Life of Christ. Although two teacher, who were expected to be part of the teaching team, could not make it,I am proud to say that GIT can operate by the gifts of able teachers already on the Island. Even the teachers are having their own learning experience with this course. I am looking ftorward for the day when our students will be given the opportunity to teach in the different churches and be given the opportunity to gain experience in the teaching and preaching ministry.
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“O ME OF LITTLE FAITH!!!” When our director first received the vision to introduce the Maltese churches to the undergraduate program,He thought that the maximum number of students would not exceed 15. However, to everyone’s pleasant surprise, the student number has climbed to 31. 15 have actually signed up for the certificate, 8 of them were nominated for the scholarship. the rest are taking the course for their own spiritual growth. For the first lesson 28 students turned up for the course. This was when our director exclaimed, “O me of little faith!” The idea to give the scholarship was received very well by a number of churches. In fact, two churches sponsored other students with their own initiative. Preparations for the next course “Principles of Biblical Interarpretaion” are already underway.
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MY EXPERIENCE WITH GLOBAL UNIVERSITY      I feel very privileged to be part of the Global University.  Malta has finally embraced not only the privilege to be part and be recognized worldwide in education as well, but also to understand better the Bible. The most thing that fascinates me in this course is the intensity and the details of things that before I didn’t use to notice.  This course helped me to integrate my understanding of the life and work of Jesus with a clear commitment to live by the principles He taught and the values He demonstrated. The Bible, now, is alive!  I’m looking forward for more time to study and having a better understanding of the life, ministry and mission of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
Pastor Roberta Jetson Destiny International
The Life of Christ Class 2012