www.git.edu.mt |  Making Disciples and Equipping Them April 2012 Bringing Affordable Education Home to YOU tPrinciples of Biblical Interpretation (BIB2042/3—Credit: 2–3 hours) This course will cover the basic rules of Bible interpretation by stressing a pattern of explaining the rule, illustrating the principle, and allowing the student to practice interpretation. The course is divided into four units. In the first unit the student is exposed to basic definitions (presuppositions) that affect interpretation and a brief history of biblical interpretation. In the second unit the general rules of interpretation, applicable to all literature types, are outlined. In the third unit the rules that apply to specific genre types are explained. In the final unit the student will be given opportunity to apply all the rules on examples pages.
It’s a fact that excitement is not an option with GIT. Things keep on happening and history be written. As you read in the brief report, monthly news is in abundance. However, my personal joy is reading the testimonies of our students. Surely, the studies are providing them a meaningful experience with the Lord. When a person discovers divine excellency of Christian doctrines, changes happen in that person’s life. The change provides a deeper experience with the Lord as one understands what the Lord really said in His Word. Sound teachings sanctifies the reason, and causes it to submit to God’s truth.
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Licensed Minister Certificate Peter Daugelat, has completed the Berean School of the Bible  (BSB, a GU school) second level certificate for being a licensed minister with the Assemblies of God, which recently was re- organized in Malta. Since Peter began his studies with GU, he has encouraged an number of students to study with BSB courses. Life of Christ Completed The first group of students taking the the Life of Christ course, has completed their exam. The next group is scheduled to sit for the exam soon. Principles of Biblical Interpretation This course is scheduled to start Monday, May 7, 2012. This is probably one of the most important courses in the program. This course should be taken by anyone who wants to understand the Bible when it is being read.
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I have now been a follower of Christ for only a year; in this short period of time of living a Christian life, my life has totally been transformed. I am now presently attending a course called “The Life of Christ” at the GIT. This course is an absolutely blessing and deeply well taught by our lecturers. It’s really helping me deeply to understand more of Christ. Basically it takes you to the roots of Christ’s time and His ministry. The course is helping me not to only know Christ more but also to become more like Him. Studying the Word and searching deeper into Christ has also brought me closer to God, as I learned that acting and being like Christ is God’s most delight in us Christians. This course has really helped me to grow more and to know more of God.  I highly recommend all GIT to anyone who is born again, as it will most definitely help them to know more of God and it will also help them to gain understanding of His purposes for us. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pastor Joe and all other Pastors and lecturers that have taught this course and for all the help and support that have been given to us throughout. I pray that God will continue blessing you all and to also continue establishing GIT in Malta.
Celebration with Peter and Inge Daugelat