www.git.edu.mt |  Making Disciples and Equipping Them January 2012 Bringing Affordable Education Home to YOU Global Universityís degrees are recognized by the Malta Qualification Recognition Information Center Pentateuch (BIB3023óCredit: 3 hours) The biblical presentation of the following topics will be studied in this order: (1) origins of earth and people, (2) fall and redemption of people, (3) transition from primeval men to nations of people, (4) origin of Godís chosen people, and (5) development of those people as His chosen nation. Genesis presents the beginnings; Exodus, the deliverance of Godís chosen people from bondage; Leviticus, their way of worship; Numbers, their lengthy experience in the wilderness; and Deuteronomy, a review of their brief history and Godís law in preparation for their entrance into the Promised Land.
Many liberals have as their quest to discredit the authority of the Bible. One of their main targets is the credibility of the section of the Bible, which is called the Pentateuch. These are the first five books of the Bible. The course we are featuring this month will equip any concerned Christian how to scholarly answer liberals. The student will be able to explain creation an act of God, and describe His mercy in redemption. One other “myth” liberals claim the Bible has is Noah’s flood. Consequently, this course will help the student to state the purpose of The Flood, and relate human conditions that preceded it to those of our time. One will also be able to justify the “why” of the great redemptive significance of the Hebrew patriarchs because of their preserving faith in God... and much more!
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I decided to study for a second BA degree in theology. There are many study systems in the market. The criteria were: the degree should be recognized by countries throughout the world, especially Malta; the materials should be first class; it should be affordable. Global University met everything on my list. The first study I embarked on was “The Wisdom Literature”, covering Job, the wisdom Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, and the reason for the two wisdom books in the apocrypha – Sirach and the Wisdom of Solomon (although not inspired as Scripture, these books give an insight into Jewish life between the Old and New Testaments). The study of these books caused me to question everything I thought I knew about God and His dealings with mankind. The systematic study of the Bible means all doctrines and experiences are covered, not just the favourite parts. My increased knowledge of the wisdom literature of the Bible has strengthened me in the knowledge that God may not always do things my way, but He will always offer Himself in all situations and eventually bring glory to Himself and benefit to His people. I unreservedly recommend anyone who is serious about the study of the Scriptures to consider Global University. Patrick Stevenson, Pastor of Live Seed Christian Centre, Malta
Patrick Stevenson Live Seed Christian Centre
Issue: 19
GIT’s list of accredited certificates is systematically increasing. Global University’s undergraduate degrees are now all recognized by the Malta Qualification Counsel, and so are all undergraduate certificates. This is one other step forward to firmly establish the quality of the Bible School. The first program which leads to one of these certificates commenced on January 9, 2012, at Live Seed Christian Center. GIT launched the first  program leading to an undergraduate certificate in Biblical interpretation. The first course out of eight is titled "Life of Christ." Seven proficient local Pastors, elders and lay teachers are involved in teaching this course. We want to thank and support all those who are taking part in this program, especially our students. They have a long way ahead of them, but the fruit of their labor will strengthen the Maltese Evangelical Church in many ways. Several students benefited from the scholarship we offered.
A report of the launching of the Biblical program will be in the next newsletter.
If you send us an email on this address freecourse@globaluniversity.org.mt, we will send you a free GU Study guide of your choice from those introduced on our website  under 21st Century Discipleship.
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