issue: 10  Dear readers, this month’s news letter has a differnent format because we wish to dedicate it to the two special historical occasions. The first is the visit of Dr. Bob Rose and his wife Lynne. They are the people responsible for Global University in Europe. The second is the signing of a protocol between the Malta Qualification Council and Global University. However, from now onward, for legal matters in Malta, the new name for Global University will be “Global Institute of Theology.” Consequently, welcome the first news letter under this new name! 21435529 79475618 t If you send us an email on this address, we will send you a free GU Study guide of your choice from those introduced on our website under 21st Century Discipleship. Quality and excellence has always been an integral part of Global University. This is why our National Director, Joseph Agius began working to bring accreditation to Global University in Malta. After many months, his vision came to pass. On March 22, 2011, an agreement was signed between the Malta Qualification Council (MQC) and GTI. MQC initially accredited two degrees which GTI offers in Malta. In the next months work will start so all undergraduate certificates and degrees up to Masters Level will be also offically accredited. In brief, the MQC is a National Agency for the development, assessment, certification and accreditation of qualifications other than those in compulsory education and degrees. Slowly but surely the Pentecostal and Evangelical Churches in Malta are Mr. Joseph Fitzpatrick Chairman MQC Mr. Joseph Agius Director GIT Joseph & Christine Agius (GTI) with Dr. Maria Grace Scerri Commision Officer (NCHE)   Global Institute of Theology Signs Protocol with the Malta Qualification Council gaining respect by the local authorities and their work recognized. Education in our churches is very important. it has been has been important in the church since it’s inception, as the primitive church adopted the Jewish way of teaching and qualifications. The Holy Spirit uses what the believers learn. By 2012 MQC binds itself to provide the legal and operational structures to enable Global Institute of Theology to implement the recognition of informal and non-formal learning according to the principles agreed at EU level. GU Officials:Lynne&Bob Rose- MQC Officials: Dr. Marria Scerri-Mr. J.Fitzpatrick- GTI Officials: Joseph & Christine Agius-Patrick Stevenson- Grazzio Axica Click here for more news and pictures