Dear readers, Welcome to the first Newsletter for 2011. I trust you have started the New Year well. We at Global University Malta are looking forward for a year of increased education in the Pentecostal and Evangelical Churches. As you all know we started the Leadership course earlier this month. Soon we will announce another course addressed to women in particular. It is called the Biblical Role of Women. Later on we are having a marriage enhancement course which is applicable to couples who are preparing for marriage, but it is more geared for couples who have been married for some years. This is called Marriage and Family. I hope you will enjoy the 2011 newsletters even more than 2010. We hope to bring you much more good news. A Vision Given Birth and in Progress 21435529 79475618 t If you send us an email on this address, we will send you a free GU Study guide of your choice from those introduced on our website under 21st Century Discipleship. Leading God’s people is an important and complex task at the same time. So I have found the course called “Guidelines for leadership” a great course. The material is Biblically solid and the teachers have a heart for God’s people and a desire to develop good leaders for Christ’s sake. The course is helpful as it teaches the best leadership theories that line up with the Bible. I have been challenged to look at my leadership style and see how I can improve it, and how I can adapt my style to suit various situations. I have been encouraged through the course to look at the people I am leading and how that affects my leadership as well. The course has made me think how I could have handled situations better in the past. It is great being in group learning, discussing and asking questions together. I am looking forward to the rest of the course knowing that it will help me be a better servant leader for God’s glory.      January gave start to a long waited vision. Global University and The Evangelical Alliance, organized a course in leadership for the churches in Malta. The long awaited vision that leaders in Malta will earn academic credentials added to their calling has began its journey. The organizers are satisfied and very encouraged by the attendance. Thirty-two students are attending the course. Click here for pictures and brief report. t Road for Maltese Christian  Leaders’ academic qualifications began