Greetings from Global University Malta. This is our second newsletter to communicate with you this year. The number of students attending the leadership course is very encouraging and is bearing the desired goal. The students are finding the course very helpful for their ministry. Emerging leaders are finding the course stimulating and are very appreciative towards the content and the teaching of the instructors. Leadership academic qualifications are necessary for leadership integrity as we are learning. Once again I thank you for your support and comments. 21435529 79475618 t If you send us an email on this address, we will send you a free GU Study guide of your choice from those introduced on our website under 21st Century Discipleship. I need to tell you how the Global University courses are affecting my life. Apart that the courses are interesting, my spiritual life is progressing everyday in practicing what I have learned in these courses. My example to others is leaving much more influence and I’m taking every opportunity to evangelize. I’m more confident and not shy to speak to people in need of Christ as Saviour and to those who are passing from hard times; bringing them to realize that without our mighty God they can do nothing. Prayers became my most important thing every day. I have realized that by obedience and faith to the Lord I’m rewarded every day. With faith in Him I assure myself that He is in control of everything that happens in my life, and the protection He gives me all the time, so why shall I worry!!   I learned how to talk to Him, sometimes I ask the Lord “but why?” or “how come you let this happen to me?” and believe me in the next few minutes I have the full loving answer from Him. HOW GREAT HE IS! What a marvellous Holy Father we have and how lucky we are that we can talk to Him anytime, telling Him our failures, our doubts, our questions, our pains, our trespasses and He understands and answer all of them with His eternal love. t The Biblical Role of Women is the next course which Global University will be teaching in conjunction with the Evangelical Churches of Malta. The Biblical Role of Women uses an exegetical and hermeneutical approach to study what Scripture says about women in life, family, and ministry. The course undergirds the historic stance on the place of women in the body of Christ and will take its place as an important support for all women in ministry. Study of this course helps students learn how God related to women in the Old Testament and identify roles women played in the first- century church. The goal of the course is to point the student towards what today’s church should be like, wherever people know and follow Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit empowers and equips both men and women to expand His kingdom. We shall be sending more information about the course itself soon.