Study Program
21st Century Discipleship -
Book 1 GETTING STARTED Lesson Title  1. The First Steps as a Christian  2. Discipleship Is For All Christians  3. How to Get the Most Out of a Bible Study  4. Nurturing a Passion for Prayer  5. Developing and Using Your Faith  6. Your New Spiritual Home; The Church  7. Worshiping God  8. Getting to Know the Holy Spirit  9. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit 10. Becoming More Like Jesus: Sanctification 11. How to Deal With Temptation 12. The Fruit of the Spirit 13. Beating Anxiety
Book 3 MAKING A DIFFERENCE Lesson Title 27. How To Develop a Vision For Your Life 28. How To Develop Christ-centered goals 29. Sharing Your Faith with Non-Christians 30. Having a Teachable Attitude 31. Servanthood in the Local Church and Beyond 32. Making the Most of Your Time 33. Using the Ability and Talents God Has Given You 34. Developing Your Leadership Ability 35. Working On a Team 36. Building Unity in the Local Church 37. How to Handle Confl ict 38. Bad Attitudes to Avoid 39. How to Deal With Obstacles When Working For God
Book 2 FACING ISSUES Lesson Title 14. Overcoming Anger 15. Forgiveness 16. Building Better Relationships 17. How to Persevere in Difficult Times 18. Receiving God’s Correction 19. How to Handle Failure 20. The Gifts of the Spirit 21. Your Money Now That You Are a Christian 22. Suffering: Why Bad Things Happen and How to Deal With It 23. How to Know God’s Will 24. Understanding Spiritual Authority 25. Serving With a Passion: Finding Your Place In Ministry 26. Striving For Excellence